Year 7

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Year 7 is an entry point for many students who are new to St Columba College. To support their transition and orientation to the Middle School, new students participate in a Transition Day with their Year 6 peers in Term 4 the preceding year. This will be followed by a Year 7 Activity Day during Term 1 to help the students get to know one another and develop a strong sense of connectedness and belonging.

At St Columba College, we are conscious of the ongoing need for students to develop strong and positive relationships with a core group of their peers and some key adults in their school lives. For this reason, students are grouped into Roll Classes. Typically, a Year 7 Roll Class will have two key teachers who will teach the English/Humanities and Mathematics/Sciences/STEM curriculum. To support their developing independence and maturity, students in Year 7 are exposed to an increase in specialist teachers. Specialist teachers will take the class for the Arts, Health/Physical Education and Technology subjects.

The curriculum in Year 7 is organised into year-long subjects and term-based specialist areas as determined by the Australian Curriculum. At St Columba College we understand that in a rapidly changing world, 21st century learners need to be confident with technology, global in their thinking, problem-solvers, work collaboratively and ready to adapt to any situation. Therefore, the Year 7 lesson structure typically follows three stages of learning: critical thinking, collaboration and creative work. Year 7 subjects employ an inter-disciplinary approach to project-based and inquiry learning to develop informed, compassionate global citizens.

Year 7 marks the start of the Kinship Program. Students will spend some time each day in a vertical group with their peers in Year 7, 8 and 9, engaging in a range of activities designed to promote resilience, mindfulness, positive relationships, growth mindset, problem-solving and fostering a strong sense of self-worth.

Year 7 Students will also study the following term-based subjects: