School Photos

The College has engaged the services of SA School Photography to capture the annual College photographs.


Senior, Junior & Middle Students

We are excited to welcome back SA School Photography as our photography provider for our class, individual, sibling, sports and club photos.

With over 15 years of experience, SA School Photography specialises in natural images taken in the school’s surroundings. We encourage you to visit their website to see examples from other schools across Adelaide.

Senior, Junior & Middle Students



SA School Photography offers two online options for ordering your school photos. It is preferred that ordering be completed online to reduce administration and potential security issues related to the return of cash and envelopes on photo days.

If you wish to order using an envelope, these can be collected from Student Services from Tuesday, 7 May.

Please note: Sibling photographs are only available via Option 1 and must be ordered no later than 5 pm on Monday 13th May. Sibling photos will only be taken for those families who have pre-ordered.


OPTION 1 – Order before photo day

With this option, we will select the best image for inclusion in your photo pack. 

Use this link to pre-order using option 1 (including Sibling photos):

Access code: SCC24


OPTION 2 – Order after photo day

With this option, you can view the selected image before deciding to place an order.

Use this link to order after photo day using option 2:

We will then email you a link and password when the image is available to view and order (a few weeks after photo day as we need to get group photos approved by the school and uploaded)


Photo packs will be supplied approx. 8 weeks after photo day.

Packs can be ordered up to 7 weeks after photo day at no additional cost. Orders after this time will incur a $5 fee, and shipping will apply automatically.


Photos are packaged as loose prints. For other options, please visit our website:


For further information, please contact:

Vanessa Size - SA School Photography


Individual, Group and Sibling photographs are scheduled for the following dates: 


Term 2

Tuesday, 14 May – MIDDLE and SENIOR SCHOOLS 

Year 6 to Year 12 Group and Individual photos 

Middle and Senior Sibling photos (for families with children only in Middle / Senior School) 


Wednesday, 15 May – JUNIOR SCHOOL 

Reception to Year 5 Class and Individual photos 

Junior, Middle and Senior Sibling photos (Junior School children with siblings in Middle or Senior School)


Term 3 - Student Life Photos

Term 3 (date TBC) – MIDDLE and SENIOR SCHOOLS 

Middle / Senior Student Leadership, Sports, Arts, Clubs & Groups 


Term 3 (date TBC) – JUNIOR SCHOOL 

Junior School Student Leadership, Sports, Arts, Clubs and Group Photos 


Students who are unable to attend their photo day will have a catch-up photo taken later in Term 2.



All students must present for school photographs in full winter uniform.

Junior School: Red jumpers

Middle / Senior School: Blazers and no jumpers

Students who have PE or a sporting event on the day will need to change for their subject or event. Your child will not be photographed wearing PE items.


Sporting Group photographs require all students to be in College PE uniform - PE polo top, shorts or track pants, no track jacket. 


Adhering to the Uniform Policy, please make sure your child’s school shoes are cleaned and polished with hair neat, tidy and tied back where necessary. Senior boys are required to be clean-shaven. Girls are expected to follow the uniform policy in regards to make-up. For further information on the College’s Uniform Policy, please visit our website.