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St Columba College's Acknowledgement of Country



St Columba College is proud to launch our Acknowledgement of Country video. It includes a special Welcome to Country from Senior Kaurna Man, Uncle Mickey Kumatpi O'Brien.





The project was a collaboration between the students, Aboriginal Education Lead Teacher, Mrs Susan Warrior, and the filmmakers at Fastbreak Films. The concept was to create a video that would be used by students and staff before significant events, meetings and assemblies and will be featured on the College website. It serves as a warm welcome and instils a sense of respect and gratitude for the land and its people. The video features the natural environment across our three campuses 





Uncle Mickey's warm and heartfelt words invite the St Columba College community to embrace the spirit of learning and honour the land on which they gather. The Welcome to Country tradition holds immense significance as it is performed by an Aboriginal Elder, Traditional Owner, or custodian to extend a heartfelt welcome to visitors on their traditional country.





The Acknowledgement of Country is an important part of recognising and respecting the traditional owners of the land on which events take place. It is a way of showing support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, their culture, and their connection to the land. The visual elements of the video were inspired by the Welcome to Country and highlight the beauty of the natural environment surrounding our College.


The video not only acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land but also celebrates the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who attend St Columba College. It is an important way of promoting cultural awareness and understanding within the school community. The students involved in the project should be commended for their initiative and leadership in creating the video.





Thank you to Kylie and the team at Fastbreak Films for bringing the ideas of the students together and creating a powerful and meaningful video that will have a positive impact on the school community for years to come.