Middle School

Year 6 to Year 9

Building on the solid foundations of Junior School, students in the Middle years continue to engage in core curriculum. Students are provided with opportunities to engage in specialist subjects, taught by expert subject teachers. Our learning program is well supported by excellent facilities including specialised science laboratories, a commercial kitchen, design technology workshops and extensive recreational space.

Mr Dowling with Year 7 Students.jpg

In order to meet the learning, social and emotional needs of our young people, our Year 6 and 7 students have been part of the College's Middle School setting since 2001.

In Years 6 to 9, students continue to engage in the Australian Curriculum. The Academic Program is led by Learning Area Leaders who work with teaching staff to ensure the best possible strategies are employed for maximising student learning outcomes. Lessons are designed to be challenging and motivating, with student learning being at the heart of everything that occurs. In the same way that individual student learning is tracked and monitored throughout the Primary Years, a rigorous approach in using learning data to support excellent teaching is employed in the Middle Years.

Students engage with other students in their House group, across various levels of Middle School, during Kinship time each day. Kinship allows students to get to know other students across their year level, as well as younger and older students, increasing school pride through a strong connection to House. It provides and extends opportunities for inter-House experiences and activities through sport, performing arts, debating; and allows students to take an active part in College life - ultimately improving learning outcomes for all. Kinship teachers are responsible for supporting students in this time in a variety of ways, helping students to set learning goals, tracking overall academic progress and supporting students with any difficulties that they may be experiencing. Students engage in regular individual discussions with their Kinship teacher. Communication with parents is also a hallmark of a Kinship teacher's role. The partnership between school and home, which is so beneficial for students, is taken most seriously.

In Years 6 to 9, students have opportunities to engage in a number of extension activities, including performing in a musical ensemble or choir; taking part in College drama productions; representing the College in interschool sport; participating in College Clubs and Special Groups.

Being a part of an R-12 College, St Columba students experience seamless transition to Middle School. New students joining the College are welcomed into our community and quickly assimilate, forming new bonds of friendship, as they engage in their studies and co-curricular activities.